Business Compliance

Business Compliance

Our mission at Blue Army is to ensure all your onsite electrical appliance & Safety Devices are tested and documented so that they are not only safe to use, yet also comply with all Australian standards.

This provides a layer of safety for your employee and visitors as well as peace of mind for you as the employer.

Compliance is ensuring that the right eqipment is installed in your workplace and tested & maintained by one of our qualified Blue Army technicians.

Whether it's electrical tag & testing, maintaining fire extinguishers and blankets or even emergency lighting systems all the way through to making sure any microwave units on your site are safe, i.e. microwave leakage.

Please refer to our full list of services.

Our range of testing services is not just for businesses, these services are also available for residential customers, including:

  • Residential Smoke Alarms
  • Safety switches
  • Plug Top Replacement
  • Fire Blanket
  • ….and more

So whether you are a small or large business or a home owner or even a landlord looking to make sure your investment unit is safe for tenants, Blue Army has the right service for you. Contact Blue Army today for a no obligation consultation.

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